First of all, you do not have to be a Registered Consignor in order to become a Volunteer.  Many savvy shoppers figured this out long ago.  By      
volunteering just one shift, you are able to attend the "Mighty Mom Volunteer Pre-Sale", volunteer for 2 shifts or more and shop the "Mega                  
Mom Volunteer Pre-Sale" before all other consignors and the general public.  The best stuff goes first.
*Sign up for a Volunteeer shift by logging in to your consignor account.  If you have never volunteered at one of our Sales then just simply register as
a "VOLUNTEER ONLY" by clicking the "REGISTER/LOGIN" link to get started.  Once you are registered you will be able to see what is available.       
*  A typical shift is 4 hours.   
*  Husbands can work a shift for you.  They are very needed at the beginning of the Sale for helping set up, and at the conclusion of breaking          
everything down.
* Children must stay at home for your shift.  We do not have liability insurance for a minor that may get hurt.  Plus, it is too distracting and the     
floor gets very busy.  Please be sure you have arranged child care before your shift.  Thank you.
* Wear comfortable shoes as their may be a lot of walking around.
* If you are expecting and can not stand on your feet for more than 4 hours at a time it will be better to refrain this go-around until you can.
*  Arrange your meals around your shift(s).  Bring a meal with you for double shifts.  We will provide snacks and drinks to help with the munchies.
* Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled shift so the Volunteer coordinator can update you on what you will be doing.

                       Very Important with cancellations:                  
You must notify us through email if you will not be able to make it to your shift no later  than 24 hours prior to the start of
your shift.
If you are a consignor, your commission will be reduced to 40% for not notifying us within the time frame
specified. It's a good idea to   have a plan B in place, with a friend or family member to fill in last minute.  Unfortunately,
we must implement this in order to prevent individuals from taking advantage at the expense   of others and receiving the
benefit of attending the Volunteer Pre-Sales without fulfilling a committed Volunteer shift.  Shoppers committed to a
shift that do not show up will be removed from our email list and asked not to return to future Sales.  We all know that
our    lives do not run on perfect schedules and things happen, but in order for us to continue the reputation we have
earned and the outstanding Volunteering benefits we continue to offer, some consequences must be implemented.     
Thank you.    
                       THURSDAY, AUGUST 27
2 pm ..............Pre-Sale Volunteers shop (Shifts begin at 4pm)   
3 pm...............Mega Moms shop
5 pm...............Mighty Moms shop
        ***SATURDAY, AUGUST 29***              
       6 pm to 8 pm....50% off night!  Breakdown and Sunday
                   Sale Volunteers only shop 2 hours for free!!
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*Work 2 Shifts or more and
be the very first to shop!
Thursday, August 27
at 3:00 pm
*Work 1 shift and shop just
before the Consignors!
Thursday, August 27
at 5:00 pm
1. Receive 3 TICKETS to shop the Pre-Sale - One for you, and 2 for
friends or family members.
2. Work as many shifts as you'd like to and earn more.  The more
you work the more you make!
3. Work one shift and come to the "MIGHTY MOM PRE-SALE"
4. Work more than one shift and come to the "MEGA MOM PRE-SALE"
5. Your spouse can work a shift for you.  
6. Snacks and drinks are provided for you during your shift(s).
7. Get a little exercise and a break away from the kiddies!
1. Help to Set-up the racks and tables, assist in floor design
2. Meet and greet our consignors at Check-In
3. Help set up displays by putting out merchandise for Sale
4. Assist with inspecting items at Check-In for quality standards
5. Provide assistance to shoppers during the Sale
6. Keep the display floor organized and looking great
7. Sort items at the conclusion of the Sale
8. Help at breaking everything down
9. Have fun and make some new friends
"Volunteers shop the Pre-Sales and get the best stuff first!"
Consignors go from making 65% to 72% by working just one shift.
Best of all, you can make even more!  Check out the benefits below...
N E W      V O L U N T E E R    B E N E F I T
Work any BREAKDOWN SHIFT or any shift on Sunday and get invited to shop on Saturday, August 29
from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the early 50% off Sale.  Bypass the massive crowds on Sunday and shop in
luxury Saturday evening.  All Breakdown Volunteers entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift certificate to
spend at the next Sale!  All breakdown shifts have lunch or dinner served (Pizza, Chick Fila...)  for free!!